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To Get Involved With the Dallas IFGS....

....is really easy:

Just call one of the Board Members or simply show up to one of our events!

What this means in real life is that you can show up cold and almost certainly get to play an NPC - one of the characters that the teams of Heroes will meet during their Quest. NPCs can be good guys, bad guys, sources of information, combat encounters, or any NUMBER of fun and interesting things! The great thing about being an NPC is that you get to have all the fun and none of the stress since Your Beloved PC is not in danger! This makes NPCing a great way to learn the system!

If you want to be a Player Character (PC), one of the Heroes on The Quest, then for mini-games and tournaments you can still just show up, but for a major game you will need to be on a team. The flyer for each major game usually lists the team leaders, called LoreMasters, and provides their contact information. You can also call the Game Producer (GP), whose information is ALWAYS listed on the flyer, and that person will connect you to an LM for the game after trying to recruit you to be an NPC!   :) A link to the flyer for each game can be found in the Schedule Of Events.

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