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"On Battletech"

by Jim Butcher


For those of you that do not know him, Jim Butcher is one of the old IFGS gamers from Norman. Jim has made a new career for himself as an author - and he's a damned good one! He is the author of the Harry Dresden series.

Which, if you've not read them, are FABULOUS! Fun, interesting, well written, good storylines, fun characters, and great plot. They are simply WONDERFUL reads. There are now five books in the series and there is serious talk about turning the series into a TV show.

There is also an online forum dedicated to All Things Jim Butcher.

The following is an excerpt from this forum, and relates to a discussion regarding the Battletech gaminsg system...




I HATE what those people did to Battletech -- If I want to play BT, I will use record sheets and Metal figures, not that garbage they are pushing right now.....

Can I get an AMEN?!?! Preach on, brothah Craig! :)

Actually I have no problem with puchasing singles from people to use for minitures play using the old rules. Similar to my use of hero clicks for champions.

Back in MY day we played Battletech with figures made of LEAD! POISONED LEAD! And the only PAINT we had was RADIOACTIVE! Why, we lost at least THREE or FOUR dear friends every YEAR to BATTLETECH POISONING! But we didn't know any better, and we LIKED IT!

And we rolled DICE for HOURS to play our games! There was none of this plastic clicky nonsense! Our DICE were radioactive TOO! And we had to roll them for hours and hours and hours to track EVERY SINGLE MISSILE! Why, my some of my friends are STILL rolling dice for their last turn when I left Norman THREE YEARS ago! And I don't plan to move back for at least five years and it STILL won't be my turn! But we didn't know any better, and we LIKED IT.

These kids today.



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