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Who Are We?

We are the Dallas Chapter of the International Fantasy Gaming Society. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to having loads of fun through Live Action Role Playing (LARPing). The IFGS uses a class based rule system that is easy to learn and a HECK of a lot of fun!

Individuals can participate in a game in one of three ways. First, they can be the Heros of a Quest, called Player Characters or PCs. Secondly, they can be the individuals and/or creatures with whom the PCs interact during the game; these individuals are called Non-Playing Characters, or NPCs. And third, they can help run the game as part of the Game Staff.

Nothing can give you quite as good an explanation or as good a feel for an IFGS game as the following pages from the IFGS Society website:

What Is LARPing?
YOU Are The Hero!
Frequently Asked Questions
Overview of the 8 Character Classes
Current Rules: v7.0 (85 MB!)
Glossary Of Terms
Want To Join?"

The first time you see the Rulebook, you'll probably panic, but FEAR NOT! It truly is a simple rule system to learn and to play. Like riding a bicycle, the written instructions are daunting, but once you have played you'll realize just how simple it is!

Many times we'll use the QuickPlay Rules when we are hosting a mini-game at a convention. This is a simplified set of rules that gives people a taste of the richness of the IFGS gaming system with a minimum set of rules. This ruleset is small, simple, but FUN!

Please note that you are welcome to try up to two games as a non-member. You will need to pay the game fee, but an annual membership is not required to participate in your first two games.

The Dallas Chapter fees are as low as we can get them.
  • NPC fee: $5 per game
  • Staff fee: $5 per game
  • PC fee:   anywhere from $10 per game up; most Dallas games are around $20 for a PC
  • Membership: $20 per year, and the Dallas Chapter includes this fee in its annual Banquet, meaning you get a mini-game, lunch, and your annual membership for $20. Sweet!

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